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Avon What’s New Campaign 4 2020 Catalog


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One of the many perks of being an Avon representative is the ability to order new Avon products 30 days in advance at discounted prices.

You can use them as demos or for your personal use. Avon representatives are guaranteed a discount of up to 50% depending on the sales level.

Order your Campaign 4 demos with your Campaign 2 and Campaign 3 orders.

DEMO (Demonstration Product)

New and key products you can buy from the What’s New Catalog at an additional discount to show customers. The quantity of the mix and match colors, sizes and varieties vary on your sales level.

Avon Sales Level: President’s Recognition Program (PRP)

  • Contender – 1
  • President Club – 3
  • Honor Society – 5
  • Rose Circle – 10
  • McConnell Club and above – 15


AVON What's New 4 2020


  • While the prices in What’s New reflect a 40% discount for most products, your discount is based on your order size and PRP sales level.
  • For Fixed Earnings products (with the * symbol – typically fashion, accessories, and home) – Non-PRP is 25% and PRP is 30%.

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