New Representative FAQs

New Avon Representative FAQs

  • How do I get started selling my Avon products?
With Avon, you have two ways to sell: face-to-face, using your Avon brochure; and online through your personal Avon eStore. Customers love your personal service!
Use your face-to-face time with them to talk about products, share the Avon brochure or help them find the right look. Your Basic Starter Kit contains two packs of Avon Brochures, which you can share with anyone, anywhere, anytime! Why not start with your friends and family. You can also offer your Customers Direct Delivery, which means that your customers can place and pay for orders directly on your Avon eStore and Avon will pack and ship their order directly to them. This is perfect for those who only want to shop online or who may be too busy to meet with you or new Customers who don’t usually shop with Avon.
  • How do I place my order?
Placing orders is simple and all done online at Once you log in, go to the “My Orders” tab and create your new order. Need help? There is a video that provides you with step- by- step instructions on how to place, save and submit your order – just click on the grey “Need Help Ordering?” button in the middle of the My Orders page.
  • When do I place my order?
At Avon, Representatives offer and sell from a new Brochure every 2 weeks – so there are 26 Brochures (or Campaigns) a year. Within that, Representatives are assigned one of 10 daily ‘mail plans’ which determines when you start selling each brochure, and what dates you should place orders.
For your personal (face-to-face) selling, you can find your current Campaign and selling period, as well as your order due date on This information is clearly displayed right below the primary navigation bar on the home page.
For your online selling, your Customers can begin shopping immediately! Simply set up your Avon eStore, if you haven’t already, and share the link with friends and family, and post to your social media profiles. If you haven’t yet set up your Avon eStore, see your New Representative Center – it’s a great way to reach new customers!
If you’re a new Representative receiving your Avon Brochures for the first time in your Starter Kit, you may see a different campaign here. That’s no problem. You just need to select the Key Campaign Dates link in the top navigation and select the Campaign matching the Brochures you received. You will then see important dates for your first Campaign, such as order due date, shipping dates, and the dates your Customers can shop that same Campaign online.
  •  How much do I earn on products that I sell – whether face-to-face, online or demonstration products?
Earnings and demonstration product discounts are always determined by your order size. If you have earned entry into Avon’s President’s Recognition Program, also known as “President’s Club” or “PC,” your PC level will determine your earnings level.
Earnings on your personal Customer sales each Campaign and corresponding discounts for demonstration products are calculated based on your total order size (a combination of orders you deliver plus orders shipped directly to your Customers).
When you sell through your Avon eStore, you will earn as follows:
Representative Delivery Orders orders where your Customer places orders online but are shipped to you to sort, deliver and collect payment.

Earnings Chart

Full earnings, as described in the chart above with the exception fixed earnings products which are indicated by the symbol in the brochure. Earnings on products with this symbol are 25% for President’s Recognition Program members and 20% of all\ other Representatives.
Direct Delivery Orders orders your Customers’ place and pay for online and Avon ships direct to your Customer – which means less work for you!
Earn 20% for Non-President’s Recognition Program Members or 25% President’s Recognition Program Members.
For more information on how to calculate earnings with Avon’s 2 Ways Sell go to the Earning Opportunities Tab on
  • How and when do I pay for my orders from my face-to-face Customers?
At the time you submit your order from face-to-face sales, you will be advised of the Estimated Payment due with your order. Depending on your credit limit, you may be required to make a payment before your order can be processed. You can pay by check, money order, credit card, or online directly from your checking account, using Avon QuikPAY.
  • How do I manage Customer orders in my eStore? How do I know if it’s been submitted and paid for?
Customers are able to place two types of orders through your eStore: Representative Delivery and Direct Delivery.
Representative Delivery: you’ll be notified that a Customer’s order has been added to your Order Cart. It will appear as ‘bold’ until you view them, to distinguish them from Customer orders you have entered. As with other orders, you will sort, pack and delivery the order to your Customer and collect their payment, before leaving the products with your Customer.
Direct Delivery: Orders are shipped directly to Customers from your Avon eStore.
You’ll be notified of the order (by email and on the ‘my orders’ tab next to current orders via the New direct delivery customer orders link) and then Avon will collect the payment, pick and pack the order and ship it directly to your Customer for you.
  • How and when do I receive my Avon earnings?
For Customer orders which you personally deliver – whether through your face-to-face business or if a Customer placed a Representative Delivery order on your eStore – your earnings will be derived from what you collect from your customers when you deliver their order. This is because the amount you pay to Avon is reduced, or discounted, by the earnings percentage you qualified for based on your total order size (this is a combination of online and face-to-face orders).
When a Customer places and pays for a direct delivery order from your Avon eStore, your earnings are applied to your account once the order ships. If earnings from direct delivery orders cause you to have a ‘credit balance’ on your account, Avon offers a program where these earnings can be automatically direct deposited into your bank account. (See Profile Direct Deposit enrollment options for details)
Once your customer’s direct delivery order ships, your account will be updated with the Award Sales and earnings you qualify for. These earnings will reduce any balance you may owe Avon. You can view a summary of your direct delivery earnings by viewing the Direct Delivery Earnings Report in the Reports section of the ‘my orders’ tag.
  • How do I return products?
We have a useful video with step-by-step instructions on how to return a product for either a replacement product or account credit. This video is available on To view the video, once you have logged in, click on the “My Account” Tab. Next, choose “Process Returns” from the left-hand navigation. If you have never visited this page, we will ask that you do a quick one-time set-up. Once you’ve completed this, you will see a prompt in the middle of the page which says “Click here to view online returns video.”
For Direct Delivery orders shipped by Avon, Avon handles the return for you. For this type of return, simply ask your Customer to follow the return instructions located on the back of their packing slip, included in the shipment. It may not be necessary to return products, but instruct your Customer to follow the instructions, and e-mail or call for clarification.
  • How do I order sales aids and business tools, such as bags to deliver orders?
a.) Go to, click on “My Orders”. Choose yourself as the Customer and click “create order”.
b.) On the order form page (on the left), click on “Order sales tools”, (on the right) click “business tools”.
c.) When you select the desired item, you can view the price; how many are in a pack and the dimensions (if applicable). Currently, we do not have pictures available.
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