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You’ve got a new startup — you! Share your excitement and start your success by letting everyone everywhere know you’re an Avon Representative. Social selling is all about relationships and sharing your passion. Connect and get word-of-mouth recommendations working for you.

Pitch Perfect
Master your “elevator pitch”, your 15-second introduction that will make people lean in and want to know more, spark a conversation, and start a relationship. Practice till it sounds easy and comfortable and becomes part of a natural conversation:

“I own a beauty and fashion business. I love connecting people with products/things they love.”

“My business is all about beauty and fashion. But the best thing about it is helping other women have a more beautiful life.”

Post It 
Reach your customers where they live — on social media. Inspiring and fun posts will attract people to follow you and help build relationships and opportunities.

  • Post regularly: A selfie of you with your starter kit or showing off a new makeup look, rave about your favorite new products or Avon’s newest special offer.
  • Don’t forget to include your eStore address and add a message like: “I’m so excited to start my own business, check out these amazing products!”
  • Post what you love about your life, not just about your Avon business. People love what’s personal so post pictures of you, your family, your pets. If you like inspirational quotes or funny videos, share them.
  • If you see a fun or interesting post, “like” and comment on it. When friends “like” a post or comment of yours, respond directly on your page. You can even send them a private message thanking them and seeing if they have time to get together.

Have a Launch Party

  • People love to be invited to the start of something new and fun. Invite friends and neighbors to your place for appetizers and a cool meet-up. Have some products out for them to try — and share the ones you love most.
  • Consider including friends and family who can’t be there on a video or conference call. Take a look at Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangout or to see if they can help you. Keep it simple and short. Be upbeat, share your excitement about Avon products and having your own business and encourage questions. Invite your Mentor to share her Avon story too.
  • Ask a friend to host a get-together in her home or at a local restaurant. Invite everyone to bring a friend or two and expand your network. Create an event on Facebook so people can remember easily via social media.


Your Avon business is all about sharing your love for Avon — both selling and recruiting.

Every time you talk to someone on your Contact List or meet someone new, share your love for the products and your passion for the business. Network for new customers to build your sales and recruit new Representatives to build your team and take your earnings to a new level.

The more you talk to people, the more confident you’ll become. And don’t worry if you hear “No, thanks.” It usually means “Not right now” or “I don’t know enough yet to say yes.” Thank them, ask if you can check in again in a couple of months and ask for referrals.

Open Your Ears

Pay attention and you’ll start finding opportunities everywhere to approach others about Avon’s income potential. Pick up on common cues from people who might be open to a new way to earn money, and reach out with a genuine solution of how Avon can help.

A friend might say: “I need to find a second job to make ends meet for the holidays.”
Your answer: “I know how you feel. What if I could show you how earning income with Avon could help you with the extra money you need?” 

Overheard while commuting: “Work is driving me crazy, my boss is demanding more and more of my time.”
Your answer: “Sorry to interrupt – but I can show you a way to earn extra income by being your own boss!”

When you’re out shopping you hear: “This outfit is so cute but no way can I afford it.”
Your answer: “That is a cute outfit. It’s so hard to have extra money these days, but my Avon business gives me that extra for the things I want. It could for you, too. I can tell you more if you’re interested.”

Listen Up

Focus on the needs, wishes and also the challenges of your contacts. Ask questions to find out what they are most interested in, and see how the Avon opportunity can help.

For example: “Would you be interested in a new way to make income on the side?” 

If they say yes, ask why. Tell them about Avon as a solution that could help them achieve their goals; say something like: “So if I could show you how you could be your own boss/have a flexible schedule/earn extra money towards vacation/college/a new car, would you be interested?” 

Always Follow Up

Make sure you get every contact’s information so you can follow up within 48 hours of connecting.


Building a successful team takes you to a whole new level. Apart from the additional potential income, you’ll also experience great satisfaction and a confidence boost from sharing, teaching and guiding others who look to your leadership.

Simply be the leader you’d want to follow and others will want to follow you.

Share Your Passion
Others will follow you for how you make them feel and how you inspire them. Be passionate about your business and share that passion with your team.

Be Positive
Create a positive team culture by always encouraging and supporting your team. Be generous with shout-outs to recognize hard work and progress. Make everyone feel special and important as individuals.

Make Onboarding a Great Experience
Make sure your new Representatives are getting the best possible introduction to the Avon experience. Have a get-together, in person or on the phone, as soon as your new Representative receives their Starter Kit and walk them through how to use it to get their business started. Review the KickStart program and set goals.

Other essentials: Make sure new Representatives set up their Avon eStore, get connected on social media and start using to experience all the training and information to help them launch successfully. Communication every week is key to make sure they feel supported and encouraged.

Be Your Best Self for the Best Relationships
Get to know everyone on your team and learn how to inspire different types of people for their individual needs and goals. Put your ego aside and be there for your team with sincerity and support. Be trustworthy, warm and approachable. Learn to listen more than you speak and offer guidance in the business.

Be a Role Model for Success
Your team will look to you to show them how to build their business and earn income. Share the strategies that have worked for you and encourage them to adapt them to fit their personal style and specific goals.

It’s true what they say about a team: Together Everyone Achieves More


When you talk to people about trying the Avon opportunity themselves, you may hear a lot of interest, but you may also hear some concerns or objections — that’s a good sign.

Objections let you know a potential new Representative needs more information to help make their decision. To find out their real stumbling block, ask questions to fully understand the concern and express your sincere interest; “Tell me more about…” or “What do you mean?”

In responding, you can share how your Avon business has worked for you — from extra income and flexibility to new confidence and friends — and can work for them.

Here are examples of some common objections and how you can respond:

“I don’t have time.”
“You can work your business around your schedule, even in 10 to 15-minute chunks of time. My schedule’s busy too, so that’s what I do.” 

“I don’t have enough money to get started.”
“I felt the same when I was buying my starter kit, but you can choose from 3 different kits and there’s one that’s only $25. With the support, I got from my Mentor and the training Avon provides, I was able to pay off my kit with my first sales order.” 

“I don’t know anyone.”
“I thought that too, but once you really go through all the people you interact with every day, you realize you know way more people than you thought!”
“If I could show you how to grow your list of people and how easy it is to sell, would you be interested?” 

Once you’ve addressed their concerns, then move to “close” your invitation. For example: “Let’s schedule a time in a few days and I can tell you more about it.”

Or if they’re still thinking about it: “On a scale of 1-10, how interested are you?”

If the answer is 5 or more, ask: “What would make it a 10 for you?” Then answer that objection and ask them to join your team.

Remember, a “no” doesn’t mean no forever. It just means, “not right now”. Ask them who else they know who might be interested. Put them on your follow-up list to check in within a few months.


An influencer is a huge buzzword in social media, advertising and shopping trends. And it’s the perfect word for your role as a team leader and Mentor.

But influencing isn’t about telling people what to do. Influence happens when you role model, guide and encourage others to success.

Watch and Learn from Other Influencers

  • Talk to your Mentor and other successful influencers at Avon. Observe and ask questions to help you understand the best techniques for helping others be more and do more.
  • Look to influencers online in various fields — read their blogs, watch their videos and read their books. People who are influential enjoy sharing their thinking, techniques and secrets to success.
  • Remember to:
    • Smile
    • Remember people’s names
    • Listen and show genuine interest

Role Model and Influence
Role modeling is also one of the best ways to grow your Avon business across all three key areas: sales, recruiting and team building.

  • Wear Avon products and talk about the ones you love. You’re role modeling to your customers how great they can look and it makes them want to try that moisturizer, fragrance, or outfit for themselves.
  • By holding one-on-one’s, get-togethers and posting on social media, you role model to your team some of the many ways to sell Avon products and recruit others.
  • Talk about the ways your Avon business is benefiting your life. Post pictures of vacations or of yourself working in the backyard with the kids playing nearby. People will want the same freedom and great perks you’re enjoying.
  • Hold opportunity meetings where you and team members can share the benefits of having an Avon business. Seeing your success will inspire team members to hold their own opportunity meetings.
  • Have once-a-week calls or online chats to help coach team members to new levels of success. Share tips and techniques they can use to grow their business.

Influence happens when people see that you genuinely care about them, their needs and their future. Customers and new Representatives will be drawn to you and your team will want to stay with you and help build the future you all dream of.

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