Become an Avon Representative

Become an Avon Representative

How To Become an Avon Representative

Start your dream gig in just a few steps!

Part-time or full-time, in sweats or stilettos, sell Avon anytime, anywhere — online and in-person.

It only takes a few minutes to join and it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Tell us who you are. We just need a few details like your name and email address.

  2. Sign up for FREE (limited time offer, 2/5/20-3/31/20).

  3. Or sign up for only $30 and pick your free gift of amazing top-selling Avon products.

Ready to get started?

Join Now>>

We Give You Everything You Need to Succeed

Tips and Tricks to Manage Your Biz 24/7

Personalize your free online store and then text or email the link to friends and family for instant sales. Sell anywhere, anytime with our mobile app and get paid fast in 2 business days with Rapid Pay!

You’ll Network Like a Pro

Select our made-for-you-to-share social media posts of products and offers and promote your store. You can even score trips with friends to fabulous destinations like Maui, Los Cabos, and Jamaica!

Enjoy All the Benefits

Get access to affordable health insurance for you and your family, plus tuition discounts and grants for online higher education.

Let’s get started?

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Free to join Avon

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to start selling Avon?

For a limited time, you can join Avon for FREE. tIt only costs $30 to sign up to become an Avon Representative and start selling immediately. Your sign up comes with loads of perks, benefits, and goodies to help you start strong. Plus, earn up to 25% on what you sell!

What do I get with the sign up? What do I need to get started?

Along with your $30 sign up fee, you get a FREE gift (a $100+ value) which includes an assortment of our best-sellers to help you get started sharing our fabulous products and brochures. You’ll also get 25% off your first order, so you can start trying even more products and sharing with friends and family as you start selling.

If you joined Avon for free, you will not get products and brochures but you can start your business immediately through your free online store. You will also full access to the representatives’ back office for resources, training and more.

You also get a full on Insta-Biz of tools and support with your own free online store your customers can shop 24/, free mobile app and so much more!

I have never done this before. How will Avon support me, and my success? How do I find customers?

Take advantage of our free, best-in-class training with AVON U for learning on the go. Check-in with your Avon Advisor who is dedicated to supporting your success or you can call, email, or chat with our Avon Care Center Specialists.

Need help finding customers? Personalize your free online store, then share the link to friends and family for instant sales and earnings, plus exclusive introductory offers to help you get off to a fast start!

How do I get paid?

Getting paid is simple! There are two ways to get your money:

  1. Sign up for Direct Deposit and you’ll get paid for your online sales 2 business days after your customer’s order ships
  2. Place an order on behalf of your customer, and you’ll earn the difference between the discounted amount you pay and the full price your customer pays.

free shipping

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