Avon What’s New Campaign 11 2019

Avon What’s New Campaign 11 2019

Avon What’s New Brochure Online – for Representatives only

Whats New 11 2019

One of the many perks of being an Avon representative is the ability to order new Avon products 30 days in advance at discounted prices.

You can use them as demos or for your personal use. Avon representatives are guaranteed a discount of up to 50% depending on the sales level.

DEMO (Demonstration Product)

New and key products you can buy from the What’s New Catalog at an additional discount to show customers. The quantity of the mix and match colors, sizes and varieties vary on your sales level.

Avon Sales Level: President’s Recognition Program (PRP)

  • Contender – 1
  • President Club – 3
  • Honor Society – 5
  • Rose Circle – 10
  • McConnell Club and above – 15


  • While the prices in What’s New reflect a 40% discount for most products, your discount is based on your order size and PRP sales level.
  • For Fixed Earnings products (with the * symbol – typically fashion, accessories and home) – Non-PRP is 25% and PRP is 30%.

Would you like to get a discount on your Avon products? Sign up to join Avon today!

Become an Avon Representative

Buy Avon Online


Top Reasons to join Avon:

  • Sign up for only $30
  • Get Free Sign Up Gifts valued up to $84
  • Free Online Store
  • 40% Earnings/Discount
  • No Inventory Required
  • Earn $1000+ in your first 90 days
  • Access to plant-based, non-GMO Health and Wellness Products, ESPIRA
  • Full Online and Offline Support
  • Work Independently
  • Discounted Health Insurance
  • Free Social Media Training and Resources
  • Exclusive Discounts from several retail merchants
  • Incentives, Bonuses, Rewards, FREE Gifts/Trips and more


Benefits of being an Avon Representative:

Unlimited Income – With Avon, your income is unlimited. It depends on how much you put into it. If you work hard (and of course, smart) in getting sales and recruits, you will have a big fat check. Unlike if you are being employed, your check is the same every two weeks no matter how hard you worked. If you want to double your check with your Avon business, you just have to increase your selling and recruiting activities.

Being your own Boss – I love the concept of being my own boss where I don’t have to ask permission if I need to go on vacation with my family or whenever my family needs my full presence and attention. It was one of my frustrations when I was employed. There were times that I had to miss some of my kids’ school functions because my boss disapproved my request to take some days off.

Flexible Hours – I have the ability to work my Avon business part time or full time. Selling Avon anytime, and earning 40% in sales is a lot of fun. I can work my Avon business anywhere, anytime. There is no territory assigned. I am able to work my Avon business while on vacation with my family, even outside the country.

Home-based Business – Having a legit home-based business has some tax benefits. I used to have a full-time job as a supervisor in my early years with Avon. I never regretted giving up that job. I love having my own home-based business.

Multiple Income Streams – Having an Avon business gives me multiple streams of income – selling and recruiting. There are two ways to earn and two ways to sell with Avon. First is you can earn money by selling the products. The higher a representatives’ campaign sales are, the greater the percentage she or he will earn on those sales. The second way to earn money with Avon is through the sales leadership program.  Sales Leader Representatives who both sell and recruit earn money based on their personal sales plus their team’s sales. Avon is not what it used to be. The New Avon has established its online presence and it’s the most mentioned direct sales company in social media.

By the way, you don’t have to sell if you don’t want to. You can have an Avon account just for personal use.

Sign up to Sell Avon Online – Earn 40% on your sales plus get a free online store

When you become an Avon representative, you are guaranteed to enjoy 20% off on your Avon order regardless of your total order. You will also have access to the exclusive Avon What’s New Catalogs – up to 50% discount, exclusively for Avon representatives.

Earn Extra Income by Selling Avon Online – Become an Avon Representative 

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