Avon Inventory Updates

inventory alerts

For a list of popular or trending items that may not be available once your order is processed for shipping, please click on the link below.

If your product is on this list, you may want to suggest an alternative product or suggest that your customer purchase it through your online store.

To look up a specific item please go to the “My Orders” page and under Product Availability Search, type in the product description or Product Number.

7/3 Product Inventory News
6/28 Product Inventory News

Brochure Corrections

Please click below to see corrections for our brochures and flyers. We apologize for the errors and any confusion.

6/18 Corrections

More Resources:

Avon Links:

On-going Incentives:

2018 Avon Catalogs:  

More related links:

  • Campaign Mailer – Mail Avon brochures and flyers at a very reasonable price
  • Canva.com – Create any graphic design for free
  • Bitly.com –  is a URL shortening service and a link management platform
  • Google Domains – Create your own domain name
  • Squareup.com – Process credit card payments through Square for a small fee per transaction.
  • Blogger.com – Create your own blog for free
  • WordPress.com – Create a website or blog for free
  • Sales Tax Calculator – Enter your zip code, your city name or your state name to find your state tax rate

Become an Avon representative – Join our Avon team!

Sign Up to Sell Avon at BecomeBeautyRep.com – enter Reference Code: ConnieBye

3 Ways to SHOP Avon Online


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