Team Incentives

Team High Achievers Incentives




$1000 Sales – Submit a $1000 or more paid order every campaign and you will get special gift/s.




$200 Order – $200 order every campaign earns an entry for our Monthly Raffle. More sales mean more entries!




Fabulous First Order Gifts – Get fabulous gifts when you submit and paid a $150 or more order in your first campaign. This is for my Generation 1 representatives only.






It Pays to Recruit  – Bring in a successful recruit; YOU and your NEW RECRUIT will get a “Beauty Essential Bundle”. Get as many beauty samplers as you want by bringing in more successful recruits!





Advancement Gifts – Promote your leadership title to Bronze Ambassador and above. Maintain/Perform title within 4 campaigns  >> Get SPECIAL GIFTS





Bronze Leader Achievement –  Advance to Bronze Leader by Campaign 13, get a free COACH Handbag






Gold Leader Achievement – Get a free iPad when you achieve Gold Leader by C26 2018



3 Ways to SHOP Avon Online

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